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Our Services

At Plaza Laundromat, we have a variety of services and amenities. Our services include self-service, coin-operated machines, hand pressing, and wash, dry, and fold laundry services. Dry cleaning is available. We have a TV, free/well-lit parking lot, a clean and safe facility, an attendant always on duty, and a Laundry Bar product dispenser. Our Laundry Bar has detergent, fabric softener (both sheets & liquid), and bleach.

Snacks and soda are available for purchase at a store conveniently located nearby.

Why Plaza Laundromat?

Attendant On Duty

Our laundromat is clean, safe, and fully staffed. We have an attendant on duty at all times to assist you with your laundry needs.


Plaza Laundromat is family-owned and operated. We have been in business for over 25 years.

Conveniently Located

Our laundromat is conveniently located on Sloane Avenue in Lakewood, Ohio, just off of Detroit Road near the Rocky River/Lakewood border.

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Coin-operated, self-service machines

Bring your own detergent or buy some using our Laundry Bar product dispenser. Then load up one of our standard or large capacity washers with your dirty clothes and let the machine do the rest. After your clothes are done, move them to one of our dryers set to factory temperature to finish the process.

All of our washers and dryers are coin-operated. Forgot your quarters at home? Don’t worry, just exchange your $1, $5, and $10 bills for coins using our change machine.

We have multiple machine sizes to fit your needs, including both top, front, and economy load washing machines. Our largest washers and dryers are perfect for comforters and other bulky items.

Our dryers are set to factory temperature, which saves wear & tear on your clothes and your wallet! Dryers set at too high of a temperature can cause damage to clothing, while dryers set too low can cause drying to take longer and cost you more money.

Number of Machines:
– Top-Load Washers: 12
– Front-Load Washers: 21
– Dryers (30 lbs): 24
– Extra-Large Washers (50 lbs): 3
– Extra-Large Dryers (50 lbs): 2

Dry cleaning

Full-service dry cleaning is available for your convenience. Drop off your regular laundry or do-it-yourself, then drop off your dry cleaning at the same time.

Hand pressing

We like to do things the old fashioned way. We find that hand pressing, while it takes a longer, gets the job done better. Enjoy wrinkle-free dress shirts with just the right amount of starch.

Wash and dry services

Do you hate doing laundry? Our wash, dry, and fold laundry services include sorting, pretreatment with stain removal (if needed), washing, drying, and folding. All you have to do is drop off your clothes and then pick them up when they’re done.

Don’t forget to get your winter blankets and comforters cleaned for summer storage – we provide this laundry service as well!

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