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Fact or Fiction?

There are a lot of misconceptions about washing clothes. See if you know the answers to these common statements.

Fact or Fiction?

Using more detergent will make your clothes cleaner. FICTION. Using more than the recommended amount of detergent will result in an excess amount of suds. Excess suds will hold dirt and can get caught in areas that do not always rinse well.

Using extra fabric softener decreases the absorbency of towels. FACT. Too much fabric softener can decrease the efficiency of your towels. Keep your towels from losing absorbency by skipping the fabric softener.

Leaving clothes in the dryer too long causes wrinkles. FACT. Remove clothes from the dryer right away to prevent excess wrinkles.

Leaving wet clothes in the washer can cause mold. FACT. To prevent mold and unpleasant odors, promptly removing clothing from the washer after the cycle is completed. And don’t forget to dry it! Clothes should always be washed with warm or hot water for a proper clean. FICTION. Not all clothes are created equal. Some garments are prone to shrinking and fading, such as natural-fiber clothes. Wash these types of clothing in cold water to prevent shrinking and fading.

Stuffing the washing machine with as many clothes as you can will save you time and money. FICTION. While the idea of only having to do one load of laundry instead of two may seem like a good idea if you’re in a rush, over-packing a washer is not a good idea. Clothes will not be able to be cleaned properly, even if you add extra detergent, which causes excess suds.


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